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Welcome to Milliken Eye Care. Whether you are a new patient, or have been a patient here for many years, you will definitely find everything you are looking for at our practice. Our mission is to help all of our patients regain and improve the eye sight they once had and deserve. Our optometrists will work with you every step of the way to achieve your visual and ocular needs. Thank you so much for choosing us and we look forward to serving you.

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Premium Lens Self-Evaluation Test

Do You Have Cataracts? Would You Like to See Clearly After Cataract Surgery? Take our Premium Lens Self Evaluation Test. The new premium lenses are designed to help you see even better after cataract surgery and there are many different premium lens options available to choose from based on your lifestyle and your visual needs. Based on your results, someone from our practice will contact you with more information.

Premium Lens Self Test

What Our Patients Say

Find out what our patients are saying about their visit with us. Here, you can learn about our patient’s experiences and hear more about their success stories with their vision.

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The Right Eye Wear for Every Lifestyle

Our practice carries the most fashionable, affordable, high quality eye wear available in the industry today and we are sure to have something for everyone. Our goal is to evaluate our patients' needs and fit them with the best product that will address their visual needs and life style situations.

You Should Have Your Eyes Checked If:

  • You are experiencing itching, burning, or redness in either or both eyes.
  • You have clouded, blurred or dim vision.
  • You have frequent changes in eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions.
  • You have sensitivity to light.
  • You have increasing difficulty with vision at night.